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FileMaker Pro 7 is a revamped version of the already-powerful database tool. The newest version of this database tool has enhanced relational capabilities, easier integration with enterprise databases, and deeper security. Combined with support for new file formats and other development tools, it’s a new way of organizing data, according to your needs!

FileMaker Pro 7 database software is simply the fastest, easiest way to effortlessly manage people, projects, images, and information. It helps you gain insights into your business so you can make more informed decisions. FileMaker Pro 7 helps you organize, manage, and share all of your data regardless of file type, so you can uncover critical business information. Now you can turn your ideas into productive, creative, and customized solutions that you can tailor to solve your specific business problems, and share them securely with your whole workgroup.


Top Five Features:


  • NEW! File management–store or link to files from any popular format including PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, JPEG, and more
  • NEW! Multiple views–open more than one window in your database to get multiple views of your information
  • NEW! Dramatically increase the capacity of your database–up to 8 terabytes (4,000 times current limit)
  • NEW! More accurate data entry, safer updates–confirm all record and layout changes before they are saved
  • NEW! Relational model–improved relational architecture allows you to link data through a visual map of your database

Organize all your information in one place


Finally you can have all your information in one place so you’ll have instant access to the information and files you need.


  • Track any type of information, including text, numbers, pictures, movies, sounds, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe Acrobat files, and more.
  • Store as much information as you want because database size is virtually unlimited.
  • Find any detail instantly by simply switching to Find mode and entering your search terms.
  • Organize and view related information by easily linking data to show a more complete picture of the information. For example, instead of just viewing a single customer’s contact details, you can see all their related invoices and every contact in your database for that company.

Be productive instantly


Get up and running in minutes whether you want to manage a simple mailing list or a complex inventory tracking system. With FileMaker Pro 7, it’s easy to create solutions that meet today’s challenges and be ready for tomorrow’s.


  • Comes complete with 30 starter solutions that are ready to use right away.
  • Import virtually any type of information including Excel files, Access data, digital pictures, movies, and more–no data entry required!
  • Use the Layout and Report Assistant to guide you through creating layouts, labels, and reports so your screens and reports look just the way you want.
  • When you’re ready to expand, tap into the network of FileMaker users and developers around the world for customized solutions and ideas on how FileMaker can automate even more of your business.

Securely share your data


The value of data increases exponentially when it’s shared. FileMaker Pro 7 helps you securely share critical business data by:


  • Extending rich business solutions to coworkers, customers, vendors, and others, peer to peer or with Instant Web Publishing
  • Ensuring more accurate data entry and safer updates
  • Controlling your user privileges and access through a new, advanced security system

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