Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 for Windows &Mac download iso

Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 for Windows &Mac download iso




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Product information “Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 `124; for Windows/Mac”


Convert almost every file into a PDF document.


Adobe Acrobat makes it possible to convert files of different formats into a high-quality PDF document that you can easily pass on and that looks good on any screen.


PDF files


created with number 1 for PDF.


From Microsoft Office documents to pictures:


With a few clicks you can create high-quality PDF files from different formats.


Adobe Acrobat allows you to convert office documents, images or websites into high-quality PDF files that look the way you want them on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Convert office documents to PDF files.


Convert Microsoft Word documents, Excel tables or PowerPoint presentations to professional PDF files directly from the program.


Convert scanned documents to PDF files.


Optimize a scanned document or JPEG, PNG or TIFF image, and convert it into a searchable, editable PDF file.


From HTML to PDF? Easy!


Convert web pages to PDF files that are easier to transmit, check and print. You can convert an entire website, a selected area and even a combination of several web pages into a clear PDF file.


Merge several documents into a PDF file.


Enter documents, spreadsheets, e-mails, etc. v. m. to a structured PDF file. You can arrange the pages as you wish or set the page numbering as required.


Share PDF files with a few clicks


Comprehensive PDF files can be divided into individual chapters, attachments or pages using the PDF editor.


Manage Pages


You can extract, rearrange, replace or delete individual PDF pages as required.


Split PDF files into multiple documents


Divide one or more PDF files into several documents on the basis of a specified number of pages, by file size or by bookmarks.


Customize Files


Redo pages, insert pages from other PDF documents, or extract individual PDF pages. Forms, comments and links are not lost. Delete content you do not need.


Compare PDF files


Accelerate document verification by automatically comparing Acrobat to two versions.


Documents are often revised several times. Changes can easily be overlooked there. With the revised tool Compare Files in Adobe Acrobat you can see at a glance all the changes so that you will not miss any more details.


Recognize differences immediately


Different text sections and images are highlighted in colour in the comparison view.


Efficient revision


The clear result report shows what has been added, deleted or changed to your PDF files or scans.


Better view of the content


Sort documents or different versions of a PDF file together or among each other to quickly detect differences.


Apply Filter


The comparison tool allows you to filter the displayed changes by type of content, images, text, notes or formatting.


Fill and sign PDF files everywhere


Learn how to fill out, sign and send forms electronically on any device.


Print forms, manually fill in, sign them and then submit them by mail? Doesn’t have to be anymore. With the Acrobat filling and signing tool, you can electronically fill out, sign and send any PDF form, from the desktop computer, via a browser or with the smartphone or tablet app.


Sign each document


Whether it is a form, consent form or a form that you have photographed with your smartphone: With the Adobe Fill & Sign app you can provide any document with your electronic signature or initials.


Sign documents everywhere


Use a keyboard or finger to sign forms electronically. Where you are doesn’t matter. It is even possible to sign via the browser, such as: B Google chrome. No prints are required.






Processor with at least 1,5 GHz


Windows 8, 8.1 (32 bit and 64 bit) or Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)


Windows Server 2019 (64 bit), 2016 (64 bit), 2012 R2 (64 bit), 2012 (64 bit) or 2008 R2 (64 bit)




4,5 GB free hard disk storage


1024 x 768 px Screen resolution


Internet Explorer 11, Firefox (ESR), or Chrome


Acceleration for graphics hardware (optional)


The software does not work without activation. The activation of an Adobe product, the validation of subscriptions and access to online services establish an internet connection as well as a registry




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